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3 Ways Brisbane Healthcare Is Becoming More Convenient

Do you remember the time when you had to travel or wait for hours in order to see your Brisbane GP? Thankfully, that isn’t the case anymore in most developed places in the modern world. However, even if seeing a doctor takes considerably less hard work than before, it can still be a challenge for some to get immediate care.


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Today, healthcare is a global priority, and advancements and improvements in this sector are focused on providing better and more accessible medical care to everyone. Those living in Brisbane are lucky since the medical community in the city is a progressive one.


24-7 Clinics in Suburbs


While there are several world-class hospitals in Brisbane, those living in suburbs which are farther from those facilities can rely on a 24-7 medical centre Brisbane CBD clinic.


SmartClinics is a network of modern-day family medical centres in Australia. They have several clinics in the suburbs of Brisbane, with several of them providing after-hours services.


This allows you to have more flexibility in scheduling check-ups with a Brisbane GP at a schedule which is most convenient for you. No more absences from work or school for you and your family or having to wait until the weekend to set a doctor’s appointment.


Bulk Billing


One of the most common reasons why some people put off seeing a physician is because they currently don’t have out-of-pocket money to pay for their services.


Recognising this problem, many a doctor Brisbane CBD has are offering the option to create a Patient Account. According to Healthdirect Australia, this means that your medical practitioner charges you, but you can then claim the appropriate portion of the schedule fee back through Medicare.


However, take note that you can avail of the services from Brisbane bulk billing doctors only if you have Medicare.


Digitalised Medical Records


Back then, you needed to haul a collection of folders filled with medical records if you were referred to a new physician or had to move to another city or region. You also had to go through the task of going from one clinic to another to get your files, and then organise and compile them.


Today, you and your Brisbane GP can simply log on to your My Health Record account from a computer or mobile device. According to the Australian Government website, My Health Record is an online summary of your health information. You and your doctors can view this securely online at any time from anywhere.


This is extremely helpful when you are rushed to the emergency room after having an accident and are unconscious or unable to talk. Or, you may be seeing a new doctor and they need your medical history. By accessing your My Health Record, healthcare practitioners can quickly access vital information, such as your allergies, medical conditions, pathology test results, and medications you are taking.


With this information, they will be able to give you the right treatment and avoid further delays in giving you emergency medical attention.


It is expected for every Australian to have a My Health Record by the end of 2018. The government does give you the option to opt out, but you have to file your request by November 15, 2018.


Hopefully, all these developments are signs that healthcare will indeed be more accessible to everyone, especially to those who most need it. For more details, visit at