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Building A House Should Be A Pleasure, Not A Nightmare

Australia has witnessed notable disparity between supply and demand for residential homes where the supply is not able to cope with the demand. This disparity is one of the main reasons for the bullish real estate market in Australia. Yet, it is interesting to note that Australia provides 2/3rd more homes per 1000 interested home seekers. In fact, it is four times more as compared to the USA and the UK. Therefore, constructing a new home can never be a nightmare in Australia provided you are able to locate reliable and experienced new home builders.

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First golden rule:

Apart from the reliability and experience, the Department of Commerce, Government of Australia has suggested two golden rules, which are intended to protect your interests.  One of the golden rules suggests that you should go through the agreement in detail and never overlook any of the provisions contained within the agreement proposed by the new home builders. If you do not understand any of the provisions in the agreement, you should consult your independent attorney or any other builder. If you sign the agreement without understanding the provisions, then you may not be able to change the agreement which can be detrimental to your interests.

Second golden rule:

The second golden rule suggests that every aspect like, for example, compliance to specifications, adherence to norms of the Local Council, securing power and water connections and other relevant issues should be mentioned in the agreement between you and the new home builders. In addition to this, you should do your homework. You should make a list of your requirements in your new home and also be specific about your budget.

Dual occupancy:

Choosing a suitable design for your home is another important issue that haunts you. The builder will present several designs both in traditional and contemporary styles. If you have enough vacant space, you can build a dual occupancy home so that you can lease the other portion of the premises and earn a fair amount of rent. In such cases, the dual occupancy builders will present before you varieties of designs for construction of such buildings.

Corner sites:

If you have a corner site with enough space for construction of another residential building, then a dual occupancy house will be an ideal option. This is because the other unit that you construct will have a road on the frontage. In such cases, the builder will come up with exclusive dual occupancy designs for such corner sites.

Varieties of designs:

Never mind if your vacant land has a sloping or uneven land surface. The sloping block builders will bring exclusive designs for construction of homes on the sloping terrain. Similarly, depending on your needs and the budget, the builders will present exclusive home designs for single storey, double storey homes as also split design homes and so on. If your site is located very close to the beach, then the builder will provide you unique ‘costal design’ homes. In short, the home designs of Latitude 37 are customized to the location of the land, your requirement of space and luxury and your budget.

Customized designs:

Therefore, in order to experience the pleasure of constructing your dream home you should look for builders like http://www.l37.com.au/ where transparency and established business ethics rule. Such experienced builders will also guide you appropriately so that you can choose a design customized for your needs.