Tips for a Walk-In Wardrobe Project

A walk-in closet or wardrobe is a dream for many homeowners. It is the most organized and convenient way to keep your personal belongings at home, especially when you do not want them to crowd your bedroom. Walk in wardrobes Sydney contractors can custom build your own closet to free up space in your bedroom and make it easier to find your personal items. But before you take on this massive project, here are some tips that you can use upon embarking on this project.


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Creating Your Perfect Walk-in Closet

Space is the most important aspect about building walk in Ximula wardrobes in Sydney. Make sure you plan the closet design beforehand wisely to ensure that you maximize every inch of the available space. For example, divide the spaces under eaves into drawers so you can use them for storing smaller items like underwear, ties, socks, etc. If you are expanding the space in your home to build and incorporate a walk-in closet, you must allot the budget for it and tap a professional Sydney walk in wardrobes contractor to help you plan.

Another important tip to consider when working with walk in wardrobes Sydney contractors is to make the most use out of vertical spaces. When you have a limited square footage, vertical spaces can become highly valuable. In fact, they can add 20% more to your available space if you are able to maximize them. You can even add vertical hanging space inside your closet.

When it comes to building a closet, shoes are some of the most difficult to store and organize. The best solution for storing shoes is to have custom built shoe shelves. This will allow you to fit each pair of shoes inside each shelf so they are easier to find when you are looking for something to pair with your outfit. It also makes all of your shoe options visible so you are not forgetting a pair or two.

Questions to Ask

With the tips above, here are a few more questions you should ponder on before you buy walk in wardrobes in Sydney or have yours custom built:

Would you like a place to sit in? You need to determine if you want a chair in your closet to put shoes or socks on with ease. If you have limited space, you can discuss your options with the contractor about convertible seats.

Do you want to install a mirror? A lot of homeowners like a mirror in their closet or bedroom when getting dressed. Make sure to plan the placement of the mirror strategically so it won’t be blocked by the other furniture or pieces in your closet.

Will you share the space? This is an important factor to consider when working with walk in wardrobes Sydney contractors. You want to figure out if you are going to have the closet by yourself or share it with another (such as your spouse). The planning approach when designing a walk-in closet for one person differs when there are two persons involved. Aside from the fact that you are dealing with twice the number of items, you have to consider the dressing habits too. Visit, for more details.